How to create "Auto Number" field in a Query

Here this article is to guide you to resolve a problem to towards creating an auto number field inside a query.

Here's given a simple example to create 'Auto number' field in the query, none of the fields has unique values, and I am trying to add a field with 'Auto Number'.

Here created a table with two fields and none of them is having unique key. Fig: - 1.1 shows the table.

Design view of table


Here a query is created; the query is using the same table with two aliases. There is not any unique key defined in the table. As shown in Fig:- 1.2.

Fig:-1.2- Solution Query created


The above query will generate the following result, shown in Fig: - 1.3. The first generated is an Auto number field.

Fig:-1.3- Query Result


SQL for the above Query is given below:-

SQL QUERY: SELECT Count (E1.emp_name) AS Rank, E1.emp_name
FROM emp AS E1, emp AS E2
WHERE ((([E1].[e_id]+[E1].[emp_name])>=[E2].[e_id]+[E2].[emp_name]))
GROUP BY E1.emp_name;


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