How to read a Text file through VBA code

Here this article help to know "How to read a Text file through VBA code" in MS Access.

This article explains with the help of example: -

Firstly create a form with 2 buttons and 1 Text boxes. When user click on "Read File" button then read a Text file line by line and show the content of file in the Text box. Fig: - 1.1 show the form

How to register and add reference of DLL through VBA code Fig-1.1


After click on "Read File" button all the content of the file show in the Text box. As shown in fig : -1.2

How to register and add reference of DLL through VBA code Fig-1.2


VBA Code:-

Private Sub Test_Click()
Dim strFilePathName As String
Dim strFile As String
Dim lngPos As Long
Dim blnEOF As Boolean
Dim strFileLine As String
strFilePathName = "Path of your text file\filename.txt"
strFile = QuickRead(strFilePathName) & vbNewLine
lngPos = 1
Do Until blnEOF
Call QRLineInput(strFile, lngPos, strFileLine, blnEOF)
End Sub

-------------This function reads a file into a string.----------------

Public Function QuickRead(FName As String) As String
Dim I As Integer
Dim res As String
Dim l As Long
I = FreeFile
l = FileLen(FName)
res = Space(l)
Open FName For Binary Access Read As #I
Get #I, , res
Close I
QuickRead = res
End Function

------------------This function works like the Line Input statement'--------------------

Public Sub QRLineInput( _
ByRef strFileData As String, _
ByRef lngFilePosition As Long, _
ByRef strOutputString, _
ByRef blnEOF As Boolean _
On Error GoTo LastLine
strOutputString = Mid$(strFileData, lngFilePosition, _
InStr(lngFilePosition, strFileData, vbNewLine) - lngFilePosition)
lngFilePosition = InStr(lngFilePosition, strFileData, vbNewLine) + 2
Debug.Print strOutputString
Me.txtdisplay = Me.txtdisplay & strOutputString & vbLf
Exit Sub
blnEOF = True
End Sub


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