Macro action to export data Access to Microsoft Outlook

Export data using EmailDatabaseObject Macro to Microsoft Outlook.

This article is basically to import data of table to Microsoft Outlook as attachment. We can also see these attachment in HTML format. Using macro its very much realible and simple technique. EmailDatabaseObject macro convert database table to HTML format and send this HTML file to Microsoft Outlook.

Implementaion of these macro we need a database object. It can be table, query, report etc. For our purpose we are create a table as shown in Fig 1.1.

EMail Database Object Macro action Fig-1.1


Now we have to select macro from Create ribbon and we have to select required EmailDatabaseObject Macro from action dropdown. Then we have to provide the arguments to the Macro. Object type and in object name arguments we have to specify the table name. In output format we have to select HTML or whatever according to requirement and in template file we have to diving the path of text file which is act for template. We have to fill these macro fields as shown in Fig 1.2.

EMail Database Object Macro action Fig-1.2


After the execution of macro the Microsoft Outlook automatically opens with provided information in Macro arguments with attachment of HTML file as shown in Fig 1.3.

EMail Database Object Macro action Fig-1.3


We can also view this attachment file in HTML format by clicking on attachment file. File information on browser is shown like as Fig 1.4.

EMail Database Object Macro action Fig-1.4



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