How to extract HTML Source from URL in MS Access VBA

There are many scenario where access developers wants to extract information from particular URL and to use that information to accomplish their business requirement. For instance using this information to know keywords related to that URL. This article use a very simple process to accomplish this requirement. As shown in figure below in order to complete this functionality first of all create a simple form along with few controls over it.

MS Access VBA code to extract HTML Source from URL Fig 1.1


As shown in figure above form named frmSearchKeywords contains a text box to accept an URL path that will be processed. Another sub form named subfrmKeywords will be used to store extracted information. Above that sub form there is a button with Caption Clear to clear stored information.

In next step, In order to complete this functionality we need to explicitly set the reference to Microsoft XML, V 6.0 Initially user will be asked to enter URL into corresponding text box. Shown in figure below.

MS Access VBA code to extract HTML Source from URL Fig 1.2


When user enter's URL in text box and Click on View Source Button process got initiated and subsequently entire page source listed as shown in figure below.

MS Access VBA code to extract HTML Source from URL Fig 1.3


In last step to complete above process associate VBA Code with On Click Event of button named View Source

VBA Code:-

Private Sub cmdClr_Click()
Me.subfrmKeywords.Controls ("tblKeywords") = Null
End Sub

Private Sub cmdKeyword_Click()
On Error GoTo Errhndlr
DoCmd.Hourglass True
Dim ResultantURLContent As XMLHTTP60, strurl As String
strurl = Me.txturl
Set ResultantURLContent = GetPage(strurl)
Me.subfrmKeywords.Controls ("tblKeywords") = ResultantURLContent.responseText
DoCmd.Hourglass False
Exit Sub
DoCmd.Hourglass False
MsgBox "Enter URL"
End Sub

Public Function GetPage(sLink As String) As XMLHTTP60
Dim ResultantObj As MSXML2.XMLHTTP60
Set ResultantObj = New MSXML2.ServerXMLHTTP60
ResultantObj.Open "GET", sLink, False
ResultantObj.send ""
Set GetPage = ResultantObj
End Function

Private Sub Form_Open() ' Code associated with On Open Event of form frmSearchKeywords
MsgBox "Enter URL to View Page Source", vbInformation, "Information"
End Sub


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